In line with the Minister's expectations, ARV finalised its organisational structure ahead of the 2023 snow season. In developing a new organisational structure, consideration has been given to where certain services can be centralised to minimise duplication and deliver standardisation across the resorts, along with where a strategic all-resorts lens can add value to on-the-ground efforts. Within this context, a model has been developed that sees certain activities centralised under two new central departments:

  • Corporate Services: overseeing all elements that underpin the successful administration of ARV. This includes finance, human resources, information and communication technology, and risk and safety.
  • Assets, Land Management and Strategic Development: encompassing key strategic functions and legislated deliverables. This includes functions like property, statutory planning, strategic asset management, environmental sustainability, economic development, traditional owner partnerships and stakeholder engagement.

The operational responsibilities of the resorts remain largely unchanged, with each resort led by a resort General Manager who will report directly to the CEO. This ensures the appropriate level of seniority at each of the resorts, and a reporting line that allows for the CEO to be engaged with resort specific matters.

View the new organisational structure below:

Page last updated: 31/05/23