Photo of Julia Hunter member of the Alpine Resorts Victoria Board

Julia grew up in a family of once-a-year skiers, but her love of the mountains has grown into a life-long passion she is now keen to pass on to her own young family.

“I’m not a great skier. For me it is more about experiencing the alpine environment, whether that is while biking, hiking or skiing,’’ Julia said.

“They are such unique places.”

With extended family based near Mansfield and Mt Beauty, Julia enjoys the changing alpine seasons and is looking forward to teaching her four-year-old son to ski so sustainability of the mountains for future generations is a personal and professional priority.

Julia sees the responsible caring for the alpine environment as a key role of Alpine Resorts Victoria, as well as ensuring a thriving industry is maintained in the future.

Julia is currently the General Manager - Mobility for RACV, leading work in areas including sustainable transport, active transport, and e-mobility. She has previously held leadership roles across tourism, banking and retail including Director of Corporate Responsibility for InterContinental Hotels Group and Environment Manager for ANZ. She has qualifications in marketing, management and environmental management.

She has previously served as a board member on the Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board and the Alpine Resorts Coordinating Council, bringing eight years of Victorian alpine governance experience to the newly formed Alpine Resorts Victoria.

“I feel privileged to continue to work with Victoria’s alpine resorts.”

“Each mountain does have its own personality and their own offering and that needs to be maintained and respected, but there are also opportunities to collaborate and coordinate across the resorts to support thriving alpine resorts into the future” she said.

“There are shared challenges and opportunities, with preparing the industry for the impacts of climate change being one of the most obvious. The alpine resorts can play a leading role in demonstrating sustainable practices and climate adaptation strategies.”

Julia says there are huge opportunities to enhance the snow experiences, but also promote the alpine regions as year-round destinations for all Victorians to enjoy such as the amazing hiking, cycling and other nature-based experiences.

Page last updated: 06/06/23