The Falls Creek Lakeside Precinct involves the redevelopment of the ANARE Shed on the Rocky Valley Dam foreshore. This upgrade will create a new visitor facility that is anticipated to include a food and beverage offering, toilets and visitor services, and act as the trail head for the Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing.

While the redevelopment of the ANARE Shed has been widely supported, concerns have been voiced by sections of the cross-country skiing community about an associated operational proposal to clear the Bogong High Plains Road in winter to enable year-round site access.

Alpine Resorts Victoria (ARV) has reviewed both the infrastructure project and the views of cross-country skiers. ARV has determined that there is insufficient information available to ascertain if there is an operational requirement for the Bogong High Plains Road to be cleared. This includes information about potential visitor trends associated with winter usage of the site, and ascertaining whether there is commercial interest in operating the site over winter that needs to be supported via cleared road access.

Therefore, until the facility has been redeveloped and there is a clear understanding of how the site should be optimally operated and accessed, grooming of the road for cross country skier and trail walker usage will remain. Any future operational decisions to be made around the site will be informed by clear and transparent engagement with all associated stakeholders to ensure any decision made is in the best interests of the broad community, resort, and region.

Page last updated: 28/07/23